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When should I see a homeopath?

in case of

  • chronic diseases or recurring acute illnesses (herpes, sore throat, headaches, etc.)

  • acute illnesses (pain, inflammation, high temperature)

  • children’s diseases (e.g chicken pox, scarlet fever)

  • mere mental or emotional complaints such as depression, hyperactivity disorder or anxiety 

  • during pregnancy

  • when you are told “You should learn to live with your complaints”

  • when you have strange, peculiar symptoms or your disease is unidentified

  • before or after surgery

  • during epidemics

  • when you are under stress or exhausted

  • severe stages of a chronic disease to ease pain and improve the quality of life



Chronic treatment


Long lasting or recurring illnesses or that of psychic origin e.g. eczema, bedwetting, behaviour difficulties, hay fever, high blood pressure, depression, insomnia, menstrual problems etc.


After a fifty minute in-depth interview with a client my task is to find a substance that, if taken, could produce a similar symptom picture in a healthy human volunteer (a “prover”). This similarity has to be as close as possible in every way: physically, emotionally and mentally. In fact the word Homeopathy is Greek for “similar suffering”.


Follow up: 2-5 shorter sessions are needed with 2 months intervals (children may need fewer, elderly or patients who have been on medication may need more)


The homeopathic remedy will be chosen on the basis of the patients report during the session. The more they observe themselves or their children, the better remedy will be chosen.


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Homeopathy for Acute Conditions


When symptoms appear and change or worsen rapidly, the patient has high fever and pus build up at the sight of inflammation. Minor injuries and children’s diseases also belong here.


The treatment may accelerate the recovery of patients who otherwise use ointments, antifebriles or other medicaments which are available over the counter. But homeopathy may help the recovery of patients who take antibiotics to treat flu, conjunctivitis, chicken pox, diarrhoea, insect bite or sting, minor burns and scalds.


WARNING: In desperate cases turn immediately to the nearest hospital or surgery especially when a child or a new-born baby is endangered. 

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Family Planning, Expecting a Baby, Preparing for Childbirth


My professional support will help you prepare for giving birth even before conception (fertility programme)- and during pregnancy (antenatal programme).


Homeopathic remedies are safe to use for pregnant women. If needed the fetus growing in the mother’s womb can be treated by medicating the mother, and similarly newborn babies can be treated through breastfeeding.


The alternatal program consists of 5 one-hour consultancy sessions. This advisory consultancy sessions start during the first three months of pregnancy and finish one month after the baby is born.

I will be available outside sessions too if any acute problems occur. Compiling a birth-remedy-kit or a baby-remedy-kit for home is included in the programme.


Reducing Side Effects of Traditional Medical Care   

If you take drugs persistently or get medical treatment like radiotherapy or chemotherapy, homeopathy may help cope with the side effects of such treatments and function as a complementary remedy.

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