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patient testimonials

Family Planning


For years I’ve had thyroid problems, and we wanted a second child. I’ve already had two ectopic pregnancies. I turned to Nora for help. On the basis of a one-hour conversation she sent me homeopathic remedies and she also recommended a herbal tea blend for my pregnancy problem. Since I am not a tea fan, I thought I would try the homeopathic pills first without the tea. I was lucky to conceive within one month! We are very happy, and Nora has been helping with other problems too.


Gabriella - Luton

Ear Infection

Since childhood I have been able to hear out of one ear only. 3 weeks ago I started to have pain in my healthy ear and after having been to several hospitals and medical centres I was diagnosed a serious case of ear infection. By then I could hardly hear and I developed fluid in my ear, I also had pain in my jawbone, there was a risk of the inflammation of the ear bones. I called upon Nora - not for the first time - for homeopathic remedy.


In the meantime the ear specialist seeing the perforated eardrum and the overall state of my ear was planning a surgical repair.  My ear was periodically checked and after the 3rd week’s check I got the good news that the inflammation was gone. My hearing returned without affecting the ear bones. On top of all, my eardrum appeared to have been healed too. I am thankful to Nora, she helped me get my hearing back, now I can hear the world around me… Thank you!


Timi - Budapest

Ear Congestion on an Airplane


On our summer holidays my 13 year old son had ear congestion, first at the beach then during the flight. After landing my son said there was a blockage in his ear, but I thought it would clear itself.

3 weeks later he complained that he still had reduced hearing capacity in one ear. At this point I turned to Nora for advice. We had taken homeopathic pills before, but Nora works with dosages I was not familiar with. The treatment took about 2-3 days when my son’s ear cleared. I was pleased to see Nora’s responsible attitude. She wanted to hear how the treatment worked every hour and she gave new advice accordingly. This impressed me.

Thank you. Brigi - Bristol 



Five years ago I was diagnosed with spinal disc herniation at the neck and inguinal hernia. The first causes severe pain radiating into the arms, hands and fingers, also causes torpidity. I was so much in pain I could hardly do the housework. The nights were even worse. I woke up having no feeling in my arms and I was so much in pain, I could not sleep. Surgery was not recommended, because of the potential risk of paralysis. I was told in case I felt being paralyzed they would perform surgery on my spine within three days, but not before.


Why not write to Nora, she might be able to help with homeopathic treatment. I got individualized homeopathic remedy, which had its benefit the first night and it still works.

Thank you Nora!


Ilona - Milton Keynes

Unidentified Pain after Childbirth


2 months after childbirth I got pain in my bottom in my perineum and in my vagina. I had blood in the stool. First I thought I had problems with the stiches since I had this pain in my perineum. I was not cut through though it cracked inside. I had no idea what might have caused the pain. It hurt me so much I was not able to lift my baby. I started using some ointment for piles I had at home. Nothing has changed. I inspected my anus and I saw a small crack in the skin. That was when I wrote to Nora to ask her what it was and if she could give me something. She said she could, although it was difficult for her without having seen the problem. She also told me to see a doctor. I made an appointment. The doctor gave me ointment for piles. He said it would heal in two weeks. Days passed and nothing changed. I called Nora again and asked her to send me something, because I was still in pain, I could hardly sit. She sent me the remedies which I started to take right away. By the evening the stabbing pain was almost gone. After a few days I felt good. I still felt there was a problem inside though I had no pain. I saw the doctor again. He prescribed some suppository, but since I forgot to tell him I was breastfeeding, I did not use it. I was lucky not to use it. Nora’s remedy healed me completely. So I did not need the suppository, the medicines, rectoscopia or surgery. Thank you. 


Anett - Southampton

Personalized Family Kit


When autumn weather comes my children start catching colds. Until last winter we went to see a doctor every second week and the children took antibiotics. To tell the truth I was quite sceptical about homeopathy. Some years ago I tried to cure myself, but now I know, you cannot just point at one pill and think it will do the job. When I talked to Nora she was helpful, she asked a million questions, but now I know that this works!!!! Touch wood, my children did not need to take any antibiotics last winter. Nora supplied us with all the necessary pills, now we have a family kit which contains all the common remedies needed. And she is always available for me to give advice.Thank you.

Dee - Worcester


I got in touch with nethomeo when my 2 year old son had severe ”barking” cough. I talked to Nora on the phone several times. The length of these conversations varied, some of them lasted one hour. I always got personal attention and care, Nora was available any time day or night. Besides croup symptoms both my son and I panicked, which Nora also treated successfully.  Since his constitutional treatment the fits became much more rare and as a positive ”side effect” my son sleeps much better – which makes the whole family happy.


Renata - Leeds

Mental Crisis


In the last few months I had a hard time and I became mentally worn out.  There was no real communication between my husband and me and we moved apart.. I bottled up my feelings (pretending everything was okay). I blamed him for the situation. In the end I had physical symptoms when I felt  distressed ( I felt stabbing pain in my chest and could not breathe properly) and this disturbed my daily functioning and caring for my children. I knew I could not cope with this situation alone, so I turned to Nora. After a long conversation via Skype she sent me the right pills. My life totally changed. I was able to sit down with my husband and discuss my concerns. I did not feel everyday life so depressing any more, and now I am enjoying every minute I spend with my family. If there is some tension between us I do not run away in tears and broken-hearted, but I can say what annoys me, we talk it out and in the end we can both laugh at it. Thanks to Nora I not only got my poise of mind back but my family as well, for which I will always be thankful.


Brigi - London



For about a year I have been suffering from recurring cystitis. In the last few weeks the symptoms recurred weekly. I tried all kinds of common treatments, antibiotics but none of these had a long lasting effect.

In my despair I turned to Nora through Skype. After a long and comprehensive conversation I got the pills and in the first instance my symptoms disappeared and have not come back ever since.

I am very grateful for Nora’s expertise. She found a natural remedy for my problem.


Sophie - Coventry

Psoriasis, child


I had never given my children any medicine but homeopathic pills or camomile tea. We hardly ever saw a doctor. My middle daughter was diagnosed incurable psoriasis. A steroid ointment was recommended that we had to apply every second day so that the symptoms would not be so striking. We saw other doctors too but without any success.

Nora suggested a long conversation after which she recommended a  ALKATI SZER, and a month later – since the first one did not work – another one.

One week after the second pill was taken the symptoms of psoriasis disappeared without any external treatment. I am rather sceptic and did not believe in the correlation, but after 2 and a half weeks slight symptoms came back. I called Nora in despair. She continued the treatment and the psoriasis symptoms disappeared again. This was 7 years ago. Whenever we have problems I will turn to Nora for sure wherever she might be.


Katalin - Hungary

Child's sleep 


Four years ago, my 15-month-old son struggled to sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time, causing immense stress. However, his sleep patterns have improved significantly thanks to Nora's expertise and personalised care. We are forever grateful for the transformative effects of homoeopathy in our lives.

Nora - Leeds

ITP Syndrome

My daughter is 4 and she suffers from ITP syndrome which is a disorder that can lead to easy or excessive bruising and bleeding similarly to haemophilia. We have been to all kinds of doctors; some of them have never come across this disorder. Then at the Clinic Children’s Hospital my daughter was diagnosed with ITP. There is no reason why this disorder occurs and there is no treatment only in more serious cases. There is a chance that a child recovers with age without any treatment. But in my daughter’s case the symptoms all over her body became worse, and the real danger was a possible internal bleeding. By no means did I want to apply steroids, so I asked Nora if she could recommend homeopathic remedies. We live in Helsinki where I do not know any homeopaths, so Nora obtained the anamnesis through Skype. The treatment she recommended had to be repeated several times and it really did good, my daughter has no symptoms now. I am glad that in a situation like this even through Skype it was possible to exchange the necessary information and provide the right medical treatment.


Manuela - Helsinki


Overactive Bladder (OAB) Syndrome


My little daughter had been suffering from the inconvenient symptoms of OAB. Though not constantly, but frequently enough to get on the nurses’ and later on the teachers’ nerves she said she’d gotta take a pee every 15 minutes. My daughter was very embarrassed. We saw several doctors, we were given various medicines and ointments, but none of these helped. To tell the truth I felt sceptical about homeopathy, but I thought it was a parent’s task to try anything that could help the child. This is how I got to Nora who got an insight into the complex problem after a long lasting telephone conversation. She recommended a homeopathic pill. After taking it there were immediate signs of improvement. After 2 weeks the micturition (frequent desire to urinate) simply disappeared. It is hard to express how thankful I am, that Nora was able to cure my daughter’s depressing problem. We keep consulting with Nora and she is always very patient and helpful.  Thank you!


Bori and Kriszta - Bristol

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